About Us

Serving With Guaranteed Quality and Delicious Taste

Started humbly, Centre Street Pizza has always believed in cooking and serving for customers’ satisfaction. And that has led to a long journey of making and delivering pizzas, burgers, Calzone, wraps, appetizers, and beverages. Our quality pizza is known all over the location now and customers love the variety that we provide along with the taste.

Offering deliciousness on every order

While our huge menu enables you to pick a variety of food options, we work constantly to keep the taste as expected from us. Working with this approach, our chefs have cultivated some of the best treats for your taste buds. So, when you order at Centre Street Pizza, it gives you a direct access to deliciousness. The freshest ingredients, quality techniques, and expert chefs make your food a satisfying experience.

Delivering straight to your doorstep

Fulfilling the demands of our customers, we provide an online ordering facility as well. A well-organized menu awaits, which provides all the necessary information. That allows our customers to place their order no matter where they are at the location.

With that, our management team responds to the request immediately, taking no time to arrange your order. We also have a delivery staff that handles the delivery and reaches you within the given period of time.

Make every day memorable with a bite of our pizzas!

We hope to keep on spreading smiles with our delicious foods. Our team members are always ready to serve you. All you need to do is let us know!