Return & Refund Policy

At Centre Street Pizza, customer satisfaction is the whole idea of our existence. We maintain a disciplined service environment with our chefs, management team, and delivery staff. Having a huge team of professionals allows us to ensure the success of every order. However, we also like to stay prepared for unwanted situations.

To help out our customers, we provide a transparent return and refund policy. Here are all the situations when you can contact us regarding a refund or return.

If there is a late delivery

We make sure that you get the delivery of the prepared order within the given period of time. However, in case of a late delivery, you can contact us. We will look into the reasons for the late delivery and make appropriate decisions include refunding or arranging a fresh delivery for you.

In case of payment deduction without an order placement

Our platform leverages the advanced technologies of payments and order placement. So, there is no need to worry about the issues. However, if you do face a situation when your payment gets deducted without an order placement, you can contact us. We will respond to the complaint immediately and find a reasonable solution for you.

Contact for more information!

We don’t refund or return the delivered food if there is no fault from our side. You can contact our team to understand more about our return and refund policies. We are always here to answer all your questions and resolve your confusions.