Terms & Conditions

Our faith in the service transparency allows us to provide clear and effective terms and conditions of use. We keep all the factors clear, so that, you can read and understand our terms and conditions carefully.

Services and delivery

The promise of the on-time delivery depends on the location and other conditions. We are not liable for the service delays that do not occur due to any of our faults. You agree to this term when using our site and placing your order.

Information and privacy

We have the right to collect your information if you use our website. The collection of the personal information includes various forms such as names, emails, contact, location, and others. But these are not the only informational pieces we collect. All the necessary information is collected for multiple purposes such as service, promotion, safety, security, and compliance with government laws. We take standard precautions to ensure the safety of your personal information on our site.

Site content

You don’t have the right to use our site content in any form unless permitted to do so by our authorities. Also, we are not liable for the information provided by the third party links and content available on our site.

Changes in terms and conditions

We have the right to make changes and update the terms and conditions of this agreement without announcing or informing you. The new terms will become applicable as soon as they are uploaded to the site.

Contact for further details!

If you need more details, our representatives can explain these terms and conditions to you.